I have always been drawn to ceramics, due largely to the influence of early 20th century art pottery whilst growing up. My mother was an Antique Dealer and of all the objects with which she dealt, the tactile, vibrant beauty and originality of work by artists as diverse as Clarice Cliff and Keith Murray excited me the most. In addition, I felt there was a frustrated creative within me that had never been fully explored. Having worked in Sales and Marketing for 13 years before having a family and focussing wholeheartedly on their needs, I never had the time to do something about it.

With 2 children rapidly growing up, I felt the time was right to explore my creative side. The natural vehicle for this was pottery and I enrolled at Richmond Adult College in Twickenham in 2005. Not only did I enjoy it, I fell totally in love with it. I became completely hooked on the thrill of creating permanent objects with shape and form from unassuming lumps of clay. The honeymoon period has lasted and ceramics has become an all-consuming passion. Through the tuition, encouragement and inspiration of Hazel, Emma and Mary, I now have my own studio, making both functional and decorative pots that I am proud to sell.

My Work
Most of my work is thrown, a process I find deeply satisfying. For me the making process itself has to be as rewarding as the end result, a fact which I believe is reflected in the quality of the final piece. I primarily throw with white earthenware and porcelain, creating 3 current bodies of work: aura (1 & 2), hydra and flow. From the calm of hydra to the vibrancy of aura, each has its character, appealing to the many different sides of our own.

Despite each range having an individual identity, a number of factors unify my work and constantly inspire it. I am heavily influenced by simple, bold shapes, clean, contemporary lines and light, elegant forms all of which are consistent across the pieces I make. To compliment this minimal approach, I keep the glazes strong and clean. Embellishment, if any, encompasses free, spontaneous brush strokes or slip/glaze trails, to enhance and emphasize the form.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you like my work as much as I love creating it.
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